What are Journey Mode and Master Mode and how to play them in Terraria: Journey’s End

Two more modes are in Terraria with Update 1.4.

Image via Re-Logic

Two new game modes are coming to Terraria; both change how you play the game and enjoy the experience. For those who are new to the game, you likely won’t want to approach either of these options until you’ve played through the main game in a reasonable setting. Those who have logged dozens of hours into the game already may find something brand new to enjoy.

How to play

Both of these options will be available to everyone who owns Terraria. It releases alongside Update 1.4, appropriately called Journey’s End. Everyone who downloads the new update and patches the game can go into a brand new Terraria world to play one of these modes.

Journey Mode

Journey Mode gives the controls to the player, allowing them to modify and alter settings in the game whenever they wish to do so. For example, on the left-side panel, you can adjust how much rain is happening in the game, from clear skies to heavy monsoon. If you’re having too much difficulty against the current enemies, you can modify their strength, spawn rate, or disable them entirely. You can also readily research and duplicate items, having everything you want to play the game.

You will have many other powers, such as enabling Godmode, increasing your block placement range, enabling infection spread, and much more. All of these controls, and more, are on the left side of your screen while playing in this mode. Because of how much power you have over the game, and how much you can modify, it’s better to play after having checked out the traditional Terraria experience.

Master Mode

For those who have become accustomed to the hardcore mode in the game now have an even more new difficulty mode to face. The Master Mode will challenge the best Terraria players by making everything increasingly tricky. When you make a mistake, you will need to recover from it quickly or face the consequences.

You can access either of these modes after you update your Terraria game to match Update 1.4.