What are Mark Pokémon in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

A special type of ‘Mon.

Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Marked Pokémon are a special type of Pokémon that can only spawn in the wild. If you catch a Marked Pokémon, you won’t even know until you check the menu under the Ribbons section. However, they are extremely rare, and there are plenty of players out there who have never seen them at all. They will only appear in the wild, as overworld, random grass, or fishing encounters.

Marks will convey a title on the Pokémon, and the title will vary, depending on the mark. The nickname will appear as a special tag line when you use the Pokémon in battle.

The Isle of Armor DLC introduced a new item called the Mark Charm. You can get the Mark Charm by finishing your Isle of Armor Pokedex and returning to the lady at the translation who gave it to you at the start of the campaign. When you show here the full Pokedex, she will give you a Mark Charm as a reward. This will give you a small increase to your chance of meeting Mark Pokémon in the wild.

List of Pokémon Marks

Absent-Minded MarkA mark for a spacey Pokémon.the Spacey
Angry MarkA mark for a furious Pokémon.the Furious
Blizzard MarkA mark for a shivering Pokémon.the Shivering
Calmness MarkA mark for a serene Pokémon.the Serene
Charismatic MarkA mark for a radiant Pokémon.the Radiant
Cloudy MarkA mark for a cloud-watching Pokémon.the Cloud Watcher
Crafty MarkA mark for an opportunistic Pokémon.the Opportunist
Curry MarkA mark for a curry-connoisseur Pokémon.the Curry Connoisseur
Dawn MarkA mark for an early-riser Pokémon.the Early Riser
Destiny MarkA mark of a chosen Pokémon.the Chosen One
Dry MarkA mark for a parched Pokémon.the Parched
Dusk MarkA mark for a dozy Pokémon.the Dozy
Excited MarkA mark for a giddy Pokémon.the Giddy
Ferocious MarkA mark for a rampaging Pokémon.the Rampaging
Fishing MarkA mark for a catch-of-the-day Pokémon.the Catch of the Day
Flustered MarkA mark for an easily flustered Pokémon.the Easily Flustered
Humble MarkA mark for a humble Pokémon.the Humble
Intellectual MarkA mark for a scholarly Pokémon.the Scholar
Intense MarkA mark for a feisty Pokémon.the Feisty
Jittery MarkA mark for an anxious Pokémon.the Anxious
Joyful MarkA mark for a joyful Pokémon.the Joyful
Kindly MarkA mark for a kindhearted Pokémon.the Kindhearted
Lunchtime MarkA mark for a peckish Pokémon.the Peckish
Misty MarkA mark for a mist-drifter Pokémon.the Mist Drifter
Peeved MarkA mark for a grumpy Pokémon.the Grumpy
Prideful MarkA mark for an arrogant Pokémon.the Arrogant
Pumped-Up MarkA mark for a driven Pokémon.the Driven
Rainy MarkA mark for a sodden Pokémon.the Sodden
Rare MarkA mark for a reclusive Pokémon.the Recluse
Rowdy MarkA mark for a rowdy Pokémon.the Rowdy
Sandstorm MarkA mark for a sandswept Pokémon.the Sandswept
Scowling MarkA mark for a stern Pokémon.the Stern
Sleepy-Time MarkA mark for a sleepy Pokémon.the Sleepy
Slump MarkA mark for a worn-out Pokémon.the Worn-Out
Smiley MarkA mark for a beaming Pokémon.the Beaming
Snowy MarkA mark for a snow-frolicking Pokémon.the Snow Frolicker
Stormy MarkA mark for a thunderstruck Pokémon.the Thunderstruck
Teary MarkA mark for a teary-eyed Pokémon.the Teary-Eyed
Thorny MarkA mark for a pompous Pokémon.the Pompous
Uncommon MarkA mark for a sociable Pokémon.the Sociable
Unsure MarkA mark for an unsure Pokémon.the Reluctant
Upbeat MarkA mark for a chipper Pokémon.the Chipper
Vigor MarkA mark for a lively Pokémon.the Lively
Zero Energy MarkA mark for an apathetic Pokémon.the Apathetic
Zoned-Out MarkA mark for a daydreaming Pokémon.the Daydreamer