What are master levels in Doom: Eternal?

Some of the toughest challenges in Doom: Eternal are in master levels.

Image via Bethesda

Doom: Eternal focuses on the single-player experience where you play the role of the Doom guy, shooting up hordes of demons and saving the Earth from the slaughter of Hell. The game features 13 different levels and a multiplayer experience you can jump into after you finish. There are additional ways to play the game, such as through master levels.

Master levels are different versions of previous maps featured in the game’s primary campaign. The first two available right now are for the Arc Complex and Cultist Base. After you beat the game, the master level remix offers a brand new experience, changing up the traditional challenges and way you’d regularly play it. To unlock the Arc Complex, you need to play the game close to when it initially released on March 20, 2020, and to grab the Cultist Base you need to have pre-ordered the game.

Bethesda and developer id Software plan to release additional master levels for Doom: Eternal‘s lifetime. You can expect to come back to this mission selection screen in the future to see more in upcoming updates. Unfortunately, we do not have any definite information or exact details of when we should expect these new levels to enter the game.

Because of the requirements of the two current missions, we imagine you will have to unlock them in the future, and they should come to the game in future updates.