What are Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark and all Mokoko Seed rewards

Lost around the ark.

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The newly-released MMORPG Lost Ark has tons of different collectibles you can find in each area. One of those collectibles is little bean-shaped objects known as Mokoko Seeds. There are a limited number of seeds available in each area and can be useful for character growth.

Some of these seeds are incredibly well hidden, and can even be found out-of-bounds of a map. Despite the difficulty in finding these objects, they’re still plenty worth the effort. Depending on how many Mokoko Seeds you have, you get certain rewards.

These rewards can help make your character stronger. For instance, once you collect 300 different Mokoko Seeds, you can gain stat boosts. Note: all collectibles on every character are shared. This means you only need to find Mokoko Seeds on one character. Any other character you make past that will reap the benefits of the Mokoko Seeds you collected. You get a reward for every 50 seeds.

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Once you find a Mokoko Seed, it’ll look somewhat like a green, glowing berry. You can walk up to the seed and press “G” (or your collect key), which will collect the seed. It will remain on your map, and an icon will appear where you’ve found the Mokoko Seed. You can check how many Mokoko Seeds you’ve found in a certain area by going into your map. The number of seeds you’ve collected will be listed in the top right.

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All Mokoko Seed rewards

50 SeedsTotoma Card
100 Seeds Kindness Potion
150 Seeds Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica
200 Seeds Vitality Increase Potion
250 Seeds Crew Application Form: Cororico
300 Seeds Stat Increase Potion
350 Seeds Mokamoka Card
400 Seeds Paradise’s Knight License
450 Seeds 15 Eurus Blueprint
500 Seeds Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko
550 Seeds 3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen
600 Seeds 20 Eurus Blueprint
650 Seeds Crew Application Form: Poipoi
700 Seeds Title: Mokoko Hunter
750 Seeds Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument
800 Seeds Transform: Egg of Creation
850 Seeds Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru
900 Seeds Background Moki Toki
950 Seeds Masterpiece #32
1,000 Seeds Ship Model: Blooming Caravel
1,050 Seeds Crew Application Form: Narinari
1,100 Seeds Title: Nice Smelling
1,150 Seeds Masterpiece #44
1,200 Seeds Mokoko Charm
1,250 Seeds Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack