What are MUT Footballs in Madden 21?

A look at the new form of currency in MUT.

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On September 10, EA added a brand new form of Madden Ultimate Team currency called Footballs. The addition of this new currency coincided with the launch of the Ultimate Kickoff MUT promo, which is celebrating the start of the 2020 NFL season. So what can you do with Footballs, and how can you earn them in Madden 21? Let’s go over MUT’s newest form of currency.

Footballs can be used during the Ultimate Kickoff promo to purchase items from the MUT Store. MUT users can purchase either a Team Performance Token (for 400 Footballs), an Ultimate Kickoff Hero Fantasy Pack (for 600 Footballs), or an Ultimate Kickoff player (for 75 Footballs) that will have on overall between 81-85.

A look at what you can grab at the MUT Store with Footballs.

Footballs can be earned in special MUT Ultimate Kickoff challenges, as well as in MUT House Rules. These challenges feature your team going up against NFL teams from the AFC and NFC in different scenarios. There are 32 challenges in the Ultimate Kickoff promo, 16 of which involve teams in the AFC. The other 16 challenges involve NFC teams, and those events will be available to MUT players beginning at 10:30 AM EST on September 17.