What Are Party Play Challenges in Pokemon Go? Party Play Challenges Explained

Pokemon Go has added another type of challenge for players to take on, so here’s everything you need to know about Party Play Challenges

Pokemon Go Party Play

Image via Niantic

As longtime players of Pokemon Go know, Niantic loves to throw new features into the mix every now and again. The mobile Pokemon game has seen a ton of updates throughout the years, which can make it a bit overwhelming to jump back in after a break with so many new things to learn.

The latest new feature in Pokemon Go is called Party Play, another attempt by Niantic to encourage gamers to group up with friends in real life to tackle in-game challenges. If you’re curious about the new Party Play feature, we’re here to cover the basics.

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What is a Party Play Challenge in Pokemon Go?

Party Play Screenshot Pokemon Go
Screenshot via Gamepur

Niantic recently added the ability to “join a party” while playing Pokemon Go. Party Play Challenges are specific in-game challenges that players can take on only once they’ve joined a party in the game.

Essentially, once you party up in Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to select a group challenge from a list of potential Party Play Challenges. Challenge types include spinning Poke Stops, taking part in raids, and catching Pokemon, among others. When you’re at a party, each member of the group will take actions to count towards the challenge and accomplish your goal.

How Do You Join a Party Play Challenge in Pokemon Go?

Party Play Find the Host
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In order to participate in Party Play and the related Challenges, trainers must be at least level 15 in the game. You will also need to be near the rest of your party in real life, as players must be in the same area to join a party together.

Before you can do a Party Play Challenge in the game, you first have to join a party. Someone will need to host the party by going to their trainer profile and clicking “host.” This will generate a QR code and numeric code that the other party members will enter in order to join, also by going to their trainer profile and accessing the new Party Play tab.

Once you’ve joined a party in Pokemon Go, you’ll be prompted to pick which Party Play Challenge you want to take on. Select a challenge for your group, and you’ll be able to work together to complete it.

What Rewards Do You Get From Party Play Challenges in Pokemon Go?

Party Play Gameplay Images
Image via Niantic

Completing Party Play Challenges in Pokemon Go will earn you and your party members a variety of in-game rewards, depending on the challenge. The rewards for each task in the challenge are displayed at the right-hand side of that task, similar to Research Rewards.

Rewards for Party Play Challenges in Pokemon Go include berries, Great Balls, and other useful items in the game.

In addition to these rewards, players participating in Party Play will get a powerful bonus for their charged attacks when taking on raids. During raids with Party Play, all charged attacks are twice as powerful for members of your party. Given that raids are one form of Party Play Challenge, this is a double reward as you’ll be able to complete raids more easily and be rewarded for it.

The next time you’re playing Pokemon Go with other people in real life, you may want to give Party Play Challenges a try to grab some rewards and tackle raids with more powerful Pokemon.