What are stickers in Pokémon Go?

Put a sticker on it.

Image via Niantic

Stickers are on the way to Pokémon Go. Stickers were initially discovered coming to Pokémon Go through a datamine, but developer Niantic has formally stepped forward to discuss the upcoming feature. Trainers will now have the chance to add stickers to gifts to send to friends, making it a more personalized exchange than clicking a button and waiting for new items.

When stickers become available, all trainers will receive a stack of stickers for free. You can use them right before sending a gift off to your friend. You can choose what sticker to attach to it, and then when they open it, the sticker will be attached to the front of the gift location. It’s adding a bit of flair to the system.

Beyond these stickers’ cosmetic nature, they won’t be offering additional services or benefits to placing on a gift. Because they are a purely aesthetic addition, trainers won’t need to to go out of their way to find a way to farm them or to add a mountain of them to their inventory. Only five designs will be available when the service launches, but additional designs are coming in the future.

You will be able to purchase these additional sticker designs from the Pokémon Go shop when they launch. We don’t know how much these stickers will cost. They could cost PokéCoins, or you may have to give out real-world money for them. Given how cosmetic they are, it could be either way. It’s a fun addition to the game that doesn’t add to another daily grind or a new thing trainers want to use to gain more experience points or new Pokémon consistently. It’s made to be a fun addition to personalizing your gift messages to your Pokémon Go friends.