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Pokemon Go: How Do Gold PokeStops Work

Gold PokeStops are different from the standard ones in Pokemon Go, and this guide shares how they work and where they come from.

There’s a new type of PokéStop appearing in Pokémon Go. Some players are encountering a gold PokéStop that occurs following the Dratini Community Day Classic Event. These are drastically different from the blue ones that appear throughout the game already, and they’re not owned by Team Rocket.

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What’s really nice about the Gold Pokestop are the multiple benefits they give you, and other players in the mobile game. Here’s what you need to know about the gold PokéStops in Pokémon Go.

Why are there gold PokéStops in Pokémon Go?

Gimmighoul Pokemon
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Previously, Gold PokeStops appeared to celebrate the arrival of Gimmighoul to Pokemon Go. Now, these are a bit more frequent, and they typically appear for significant events in-game. They can also appear if a player uses a Gold Lure on a PokeStop, transforming it into a Gold one. When Gold PokeStops were first released, they were a huge mystery, and they were randomly spawning throughout the world.

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The gold PokéStops also reward players with a unique item, the Gimmighou Gold coins. These were originally released with question marks on them, but they have been revealed to be Gimmighoul Coicns, and players can use them in Pokemon Go to evolve a Gimmighoul into its next form, Gholdengo.

Now that Gold PokeStops are a bit more of a frequent sight in Pokemon Go, the mystery surrounding them is no longer a big aspect of them. They serve as a great way to receive multiple items and provide a boost of standard issues you’d normally receive from a PokeStop. The increased amount you receive is always a wonderful sight, and makes them something you should always spin if you see a Gold PokeStop somewhere in your local neighborhood.

A Gold PokeStop does not last forever, though. You should expect it to despawn after a short period of time, encouraging you to spin it as often as possible in Pokemon Go.

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