What are Mysterious Objects in Darksiders: Genesis?


Playing through Darksiders: Genesis, you’re bound to see one of these purple orbs drop from your enemies. When you approach them, you receive a prompt to pick them up, and when you do, it tells you it pulses when you touch it. After that, any time that the same enemy drops an orb, formally called a creature core, you have to hit the prompt again detailing how many you need to complete that particular level.

Creature cores are beneficial because when you complete a level, your characters, War and Strife, receive new abilities.

For example, if you level up the Phantom Guard creature core to its first level, Strife’s shadow clone gains ricochet bullets while War’s blood geyser radius increases by 25 percent. These cores are meant to enhance your abilities, and each level requires a certain amount of orbs. To receive a level up, it takes a degree of time.

However, following the first mission, you gain access to Vulgrim. He’s more than happy to supply you with a leveled core for a price. You need to give him a set amount of souls and Boatman’s Coins to unlock them. You can choose to grind for the cores or buy them through Vulgrim.

After you receive the cores, you gain access to the Creature Cores tree. You can choose what cores you want to be activated for your Horsemen, augmenting their abilities and granting them improved passives. You receive the best Creature Cores from the elite enemies and bosses.

The Creatures Core Tree

Creature Cores appear to drop more frequently from enemies you hit using your Wrath ability, or by performing a finisher.