What are the secret achievements in Halo Infinite?

Uncloak those achievements.

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For achievement hunters, secret achievements can be frustrating. On the one hand, hiding the name and description of an achievement can prevent spoiling important plot pieces of the game, but on the other, many secret achievements have nothing to do with the story. They require you to comb over the entire game to find what unlocks it If you are trying to complete Halo Infinite’s achievement set, here are all of the secret achievements in the game.

Luckily, a large majority of secret achievements in Halo Infinite are story-related and cannot be missed. The only one that is not connected to the story, will require you to go to the Tutorial in the Academy section.

  • Ascension – Defeat the Banished warlord Tremonius (Story related)
  • Brothers Grim – Take down the Spartan Killers Hyperius and Tovarus (Story related)
  • Fallen – Follow the UNSC signal to a Banished stronghold called the Tower. Find the source. Get out alive (Story related)
  • First Contact – Lost, and found (Story related)
  • Greased Lightning – Complete the Movement yard in under 25 seconds (Tutorial in Academy)
  • Hear These Words! – Infiltrate the Command Spire and put an end to the Reformation (Story related)
  • Hunter. Killer. – Defeat the Hunter pair stationed at the base of the Spire (Story related)
  • Legends – At the end he was just a soldier. Hoping he’d done the right thing (Story related)
  • Light the Way – Reach the Beacons, assemble the Sequence, and gain access to the Command Spire (Story related)
  • One Down… – Destroy a Banished anti-aircraft gun (Story related)
  • Pelican Down – Shut down the first Spire and stop Zeta’s Reformation before it’s too late (Story related)
  • Reckoning – Storm the House of Reckoning (Story related)
  • Together. Again? – Explore the underbelly of Zeta Halo and retrieve a weapon to turn the tide in this conflict (Story related)
  • Together. Again. – A friend is in danger and time is running out. It’s time to face your past and save your future (Story related)
  • Too Many Goodbyes – Defeat the Harbinger. Confront the truth (Story related)
  • Unearthed – Shut down the Banished mining laser and gain access to the Conservatory (Story related)
  • What Will It Take? – Enter the Nexus and learn the secrets of the Spires. Trust is a fragile thing, isn’t it? (Story related)
  • Zeta – Fight your way through Outpost Tremonius and step out onto the surface of Zeta Halo (Story related)