What are Trade Tokens and how do they work in Clash Royale?


The September update is now live in Clash Royale, and it introduced a ton of new features to the wildly popular mobile game.

One such feature is Trade Tokens, a highly-requested function that fans have been craving for a while.

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But what exactly are Trade Tokens? And how do you get and use them in Clash Royale? This guide should answer all of your questions.

What are Trade Tokens? 

Trade Tokens give players the ability to swap cards with someone else who’s a part of the same clan. You can send a request in your clan chat, and someone in your clan can accept the available offer to initiate the trade.

You can obtain Trade Tokens from Special Challenges and War Bounties, the new Clan War reward. You can also purchase them in the shop. There are four types of Trade Tokens, one for each of the different card rarities. Each different rarity also has a varying number of cards per trade.

  • A Common Trade Token will allow you to swap 250 Common cards.
  • A Rare Trade Token will allow you to swap 50 Rare cards.
  • An Epic Trade Token will allow you to swap 10 Epic cards.
  • A Legendary Trade Token will allow you to swap one Legendary card.

Each Trade Token can only be used to swap cards for that specific rarity. You can hold up to five of each type of Trade Token, too.

Basically, this new function allows Clash Royale players to swap cards and strengthen their decks. By effectively using this feature, you can level up your own cards faster while also helping your clanmates make their decks stronger by giving them the cards they need.

But how exactly do you use a Trade Token?

How do Trade Tokens work?

You must have at least one Trade Token in order to start a trade, but you don’t need a separate token to accept an offer.

To begin this process, go to the social tab on the bottom bar of Clash Royale. Next, hit the “request cards” button in the bottom-left corner and go to the trade tab.

Once you’re on the trade screen, you can pick which card you want to trade for (as long as you have the corresponding Trade Token). You can select any card that you’ve unlocked, as well as any card you haven’t unlocked as long as you’re already at or above the required Arena level. After you’ve picked the card you want to receive you’ll need to select the card of the same rarity that you’re willing to trade away.

This trade request will then be posted in your clan chat for any of your clanmates to accept (or ignore). The player who posted the trade can cancel it before it’s accepted and get their Trade Token refunded (Trade Tokens are only consumed when the trade is successful).

And just like that, you’ve successfully posted a trade request in Clash Royale. It’s a simple process, and one that most players should take full advantage of. Trade Tokens are a great addition to the game that incentivize teamwork between clanmates.