What can you get from Pokémon Cafe Mix’s microtransactions

Everything you can get from the microtransactions in Pokemon Cafe Mix.


Pokémon Café Mix is a free-to-play touch-based game that combines icons to create drinks for your Pokémon customers. While you can play this game for free, there are many microtransactions you can buy with your extra money to make things a little earlier. Here is everything available right now.

Golden acorns

Golden acorns are the in-game currency of the game. They can be used to buy more moves in a puzzle or hearts to continue after failing a puzzle.

While being available in all item packs, you can buy golden acorns on their own.

  • $0.99 gets you 1,200
  • $4.99 gets you 6,100
  • $9.99 gets you 12,200
  • And finally, $19.99 gets you 24,400 golden acorns.

We should also note that you can receive free golden acorns for completing daily stamp board challenges.

Item packs

There are five different item packs you can buy from the in-game store.

Item Pack A gets you 2,500 golden acorns and a skill plus bonus for $1.99.

Item Pack B gets you 8,600 golden acorns, one skill plus bonus, one horizontal megaphone, one helpful paw, and one vertical whistle for $6.99.

Item Pack C gets you 19,600 golden acorns, two skill plus bonuses, two horizontal megaphones, two vertical megaphones, two vertical whistles, and two helpful paws for $15.99.

Item Pack D gets you 39,200 golden acorns, five skill plus bonuses, five vertical megaphones, five horizontal megaphones, five helpful paws, and five vertical whistles for $31.99.

Item Pack E is the biggest pack in the game. It gets you 70,000 golden acorns, seven skill plus bonuses, seven horizontal megaphones, seven vertical megaphones, seven helpful paws, seven horizontal whistles, and seven vertical whistles. All of these items will run you $54.99.

Special Pikachu Pack

As the name of this pack suggests, buying this $3.99 pack will provide you with a Pikachu to be the leader of your team of employees. This Pikachu will specialize in sweets and can be a nice early game replacement for Eevee. Along with Pikachu, you will also gain 4,900 golden acorns, three skill plus bonuses, and three vertical and horizontal megaphone makers.