What competitive game modes are coming to Crucible?

What competitive game modes can you expect to play in Crucible?

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Crucible is Amazon’s team-based, free to play shooter has players facing one another, along with any deadly wildlife they encounter in the game’s world. It will have competitive gameplay when it launches on May 20 and will have three different game modes available for players: Heart of the Hives, Harvester Command, and Alpha Hunters.

Heart of the Hive is a four-versus-four match where players are thrown into the heart of a monster nest called a Hive. Inside of the Hive, the teams of players have to duke it out against each other, while also attempting to take out the monster hidden within the lair. The winner of the match is the team who can successfully obtain three hearts of the monsters inside the nest.

The second game mode is Harvester Command. You have two teams of eight-versus-eight facing off attempting to capture and control different harvesters in the map that provide their team with Essence. The team with the most Essence, or those who reach the total, win the match. It’s a mode centered around control points, likely forcing players to play a delicate game of being offensive while remaining defensive, earning enough Essence to overtake their competition.

The final competitive game mode coming to Crucible is Alpha Hunters, and it allows players to have a small taste of a battle royale. It pits eight different duo teams on a map where they have to fight it out to survive, with the winner being the team who is the last one standing.

Players start by choosing what Hunter they wish to play as, and have a series of preset abilities and weapons before entering the game. Throughout each match, players acquire essence to gain access to more powerful abilities as the match progresses.

While these are the competitive game modes available at launch, Amazon will likely introduce more to Crucible as players try out the game, find what they like, and the developers discover what sticks with the community.