What do Axolotls eat and how to feed them in Minecraft

Feed your aquatic friends.

Axolotls are underwater creatures in Minecraft that are a little difficult to find. They only show up in underground caves, deep underwater, so you want to make sure you bring a Potion of Water Breathing or two with you when you attempt to dive through the depths to find them. Luckily, they make a distinct sound when you get close to them. Although you cannot tame Axolotls, you can feed them, and they eat a particular item that you can give them to try and breed them.

The Axolotls in Minecraft only eat buckets of tropical fish. You can obtain a tropical fish and put it into a bucket by filling a regular bucket full of water, holding that water bucket, and then using it on a tropical fish while you’re swimming near it. You have to make sure the bucket you’re using is full of water, or it won’t work, and you have to be holding it. You can find tropical fish swimming around the ocean, or you can alternatively trade a wandering trader five emeralds for a bucket of tropical fish.

When you have your bucket of tropical fish, take it to an Axolotl and make sure you’re holding it. The Axolotl will follow you around while you’re holding the bucket, and when you feed it to them, you’ll see several hearts above their head. You have to wait a few moments before you’re able to feed the Axolotl again.

An Axolotl will not be tamed even if you feed it, but you can give it the bucket of tropical fish to try breeding it with another nearby Axolotl. Alternatively, you can use your now-empty bucket of water to scoop up an Axolotl and carry it around in your inventory.