What do Goats eat in Minecraft?

They have a favorite food.

Image via Microsoft

When you’re traveling into the high mountains in Minecraft, you’re bound to encounter a few goats wandering around. These creatures are a passive mob that, every once in awhile, are prone to coming up nearby you and bashing you with their skull, knocking you back. They do this to nearly everything nearby them, though. If you want to get on this animal’s good side, you can do that by offering it some food.

The only food we’ve found that goats absolutely love is wheat. If you’re holding wheat in your hand, and you’re standing next a goat, they’re going to stand right next to you and follow you around until they receive some wheat. It’s a simple enough item to acquire. For those looking for wheat, you can find it almost anywhere, and you can grow itself in your base. When you approach a goat, make sure to have it in your hand so they can follow you around, and even lead them to back to your settlement to keep them in pens.

While a goat cannot be tamed when you feed it wheat, if you have two goats next to each other and give them both wheat, they produce a baby goat. They can only do this every five minutes. Beyond leading them around and using it to breed them, the wheat doesn’t do much of anything else for them. You can also feed wheat to a baby goat to increase their growth cycle.

Be careful when trying to feed a goat. Once you’re out of wheat, they’re likely going to run away, or they might ram into you and send you flying.