What do the shark stats mean in Maneater?

Shark stats matter.

In Maneater, you play as the apex predator bull shark as it makes its way through the juvenile stages to its later life. Along the way, you will find an array of upgrades and enhancements to make your bull shark even more powerful. While you do that, these enhancements provide different benefits, all displayed on the evolutions page, giving you a breakdown of the stats associated with your shark.

You can view your shark’s stats on the evolutions tab, which is the fourth one in your game’s main menu. They’re located underneath your shark’s current level and its life stage. There are five stats you need to think about: Mass, Health, Defense, Damage, and Speed.

Your shark’s mass rating displays how much power it has whenever it’s ramming into another object. You can do this while swimming next to another boat or other wildlife. The higher your mass rating, the more damage you can do these objects using your bodies, potentially dumping boat passengers into the water.

Your health rating determines how much health your shark has before it dies. The more points of health you have, the longer you can go before you need to eat something to replenish it, which is excellent when fighting off multiple hunters or the larger species of wildlife in the sea.

The defense rating is how much damage enemies need to do to damage your shark. The more points you have in this stat, the harder it is for guns or other wildlife to hurt you. For those who want to be the tankiest and toughest shark in the sea, a high defense rating is the best route.

The damage rating determines how much damage your shark’s bites do. Increasing this stat is vital because of how much sharks rely on their teeth, regardless of their size. You want to find enhancements and evolutions to raise this as often as possible to damage everything in your path.

The final stat, speed, shows how quickly you can swim. You want to watch this stat because your shark’s speed helps you not only catch prey but also swim away from fights. You may need to rely on this stat to evade hunters or to find nearby wildlife to replenish your health before returning to a fight.

You will gradually have these stats increase your level up and progress through the shark ages. However, evolution points and body enhancements also modify these stats. For example, the bio-electric jaw increases your damage stat, whereas the bone teeth increase your defense. Figure out the best combination that fits your playstyle, and also think about the different passives associated with each piece of evolution for your shark.