What do you use glow berries for in Minecraft?

They sure do look pretty.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The grow berry is a resource in Minecraft that you can acquire by looting them from Mineshaft chests. Mineshafts randomly spawn into your game, typically underground. You want to stick to the natural mountains and any digging sites you’ve already created. We recommend looking for them in badland biomes. A Mineshaft can also spawn underwater, but it has far less of a chance.

These locations typically come with a handful of enemy spiders and orcs protecting them. If you can defeat them and raid the chest, glow berries have an excellent chance of being inside the chest in stacks of two to four. Unfortunately, once you have a glow berry, you can’t use these items in any crafting projects. You primarily will be using them for direction.

When you want to set a glow berry down, you need to set them underneath a block. They only stick to the bottom. When you set a glow berry down, they become a cave vine, a block that naturally spawns in lush caves, where you can acquire glow berries in the wild if they’re in bloom.

The cave vine needs bone meal to create a glow berry on it. Once the glow berry is set down and becomes a cave vine, it can grow numerous glow berries, so long as you have enough bone meal to feed it. This makes cave vines extremely useful to natural lighting because glow berries give off a light level of 14. For comparison, a torch has the same light level. You can hang them all over your base, creating a natural decoration.