What does “Ad hoc enim estis carnales” mean in Pet Simulator X

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Roblox Pet Simulator X is a relatively family-friendly game where players get to collect amazingly cute animals and use them to make money and diamonds. These resources are then used to get even more animals that you will love to collect. However, at the start of the game, in the spawn area, there is a huge door with a lock over it. If you interact with this locked gate, the game will give you a message that says “Ad hoc enim estis carnales.” So, what does “Ad hoc enim estis carnales” mean in Roblox Pet Simulator X? You can find the answer below.

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What does “Ad hoc enim estis carnales” mean?

The expression “Ad hoc enim estis carnales” in Roblox Pet Simulator X comes from Latin and can be translated into something along the lines of “for this, you are not ready.” This is the game’s way of telling you that you cannot unlock the door yet and that you will need to do other tasks before.

How to open the “Ad hoc enim estis carnales” door in Pet Simulator X

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To open the door with the “Ad hoc enim estis carnales” message in Roblox Pet Simulator X, you will first need to clear the whole spawn area. This means that you have to beat up the coins and chests by clicking on them and then approaching the wall in the distance that says “Purchase to Unlock.”

These are new areas that you can unlock using different amounts of coins. After reaching the end and spending millions of coins, you will reach a cannon that will send you to Fantasy World. If you use a cannon there or teleport to get back to the spawn point, you will see a new message at the “Ad hoc enim estis carnales” door.

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You will need to use 100k diamonds to open the door in Pet Simulator X. Opening up this new area will give players access to the Dominus egg, which is worth 1 billion coins.