What does Sadge mean on Twitch? Answered

Pepe feels very sadge.

Image via Twitch

There are many emotes on Twitch, but there is a particular one that stands out among the rest: sadge. It is a common emote you’ll find in many Twitch chats, but what exactly does it mean? We have Sadge explained below.

What is the Sadge emote on Twitch?

The Sadge emote is a frog-like creature with large pink lips that has saddened eyes. It is usually activated in the chat when a sad moment occurs in a video game or with the Twitch streamer explaining bad news. Sadge is now its own word that’s spoken in the Twitch community by streamers and chatters online. It means that you’re sad or disappointed about a certain situation.

The Sadge emote originated as part of a Pepe the Frog webcomic that was used in memes there afterward, according to eSports.net. Now, almost 200,000 Twitch channels have this emote installed at the time of writing.

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Other popular Twitch emotes have originated from the Pepe the Frog webcomic, such as monkas, PepeHands, and the creepy PepeLaugh that you can all find on BetterTTV. There’s also a Pepe alteration of the popular, yet now problematic emote, Poggers that has the frog’s eyes wide open in surprise.

Where to find and how to install the Sadge emote on Twitch

The Sadge emote can be installed onto your channel through a plug-in called BetterTTV. You’ll have to install the extension on the official website and connect your Twitch account. Once that’s done, search the Sadge emote under the Emotes tab on the website. It should be easy to find in the “Top Emotes” section.

Once you’ve found the “Sadge” emote page on BetterTTV, click on the “Add to Channel” tab on the bottom left of the image section.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Now, you can use the Sadge emote in the most popular streamers‘ chats.