What does SMP stand for in Minecraft?

It’s not really that unexpected.

Image via Microsoft

There are a variety of Minecraft servers available that have amassed communities and provide great experiences for players. While servers are nothing new, a new term has been making the rounds across the larger Minecraft population. Here is what SMP stands for.

If you see SMP mentioned in the presence of Minecraft, all that is being conveyed is the server being talked about is a “Survivor Multiplayer” server. Essentially, don’t expect any Creative functionalities while playing with others in that world, but rather expect traditional Minecraft controls. There are a variety of SMP Minecraft servers out there. They include the following:


Anarchy servers have no rules. You can do essentially whatever you want with what you find, including structures and other players. This will undoubtedly include fights to the death and destroying buildings people have made, so you will embrace the toxicity here.


Factions will have you essentially join a gang and fight other factions over land, items, or whatever. These servers heavily rely on PvP aspects with a lot of battles and disagreements between factions taking place.


These servers will require new players to download their mods to participate in the fun. These can include simple graphical changes or other mods that completely change the Minecraft experience.


Where other servers may include a lot of fighting and possible griefers, Peaceful servers will turn off PvP aspects so that people cannot attack you. These communities tend to be very inviting and helpful.


Skyblock servers take place on floating islands that require you to make do with the resources you have in that area. This is a very popular server type that brings in a bunch of people.


As you might expect, this is the pure Minecraft experience. Nothing has been touched — no mods, no new features. If you want to find new friends to enjoy that experience, this is perfect for you.