What does Super Tape do in Super Animal Royale?

Wow, duct tape really can fix anything.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you play Super Animal Royale, you will find yourself getting into plenty of scraps. It doesn’t matter how much you dodge roll, how much ammunition you have, or if you stick with your squad at all times, you will eventually take damage. With 64 players in each game, it is just bound to happen. With that in mind, you are going to want to keep your inventory in top shape. With that in mind, here is what Super Tape does when you pick it up in the world.

Super Tape is meant to be Super Animal Royale’s method for repairing armor. You can find armor scattered all over the place, but it will lose its effectiveness in reducing damage for you as you take damage in it. With that in mind, if you have Super Tape in your inventory (you can hold up to five at a time), you can repair one bar of armor at a time. The level armor you are wearing will equal how many bars it has.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Interestingly, using Super Tape has its own command. If playing on PC, press C. On Xbox, it is used by pressing B. It takes about three seconds to use one Super Tape to repair a bar of armor, so be sure to find yourself a safe spot and take the time to restore as much as you can. During this process, you are slowed and cannot use any other items and will be giving off a bit of noise, so be wary of any surrounding enemies.