What does the Chain Crit skill do in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? All Chain Crit armor pieces

Hit to crit.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduced a number of new and powerful skills into the game. One of the best, especially for fast-hitting weapons, is called Chain Crit. Designed around constant aggression and continually attacking monsters rather than spending time recovering, healing, or otherwise being out of combat.

Dual-Blades, Switch Axe, Longsword, Charge Blade, and other weapons that can quickly hit multiple times benefit significantly from equipping Chain Crit. But how exactly, and what armor and gear does it come from? This guide will explain how Chain Crit works and what armor and equipment grants it in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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Chain Crit’s effects in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Chain Crit only activates if you successfully hit a monster. Should you do so, the Skill will begin providing a flat 5 Raw Attack and Element Damage buff to your weapon. On its own, that’s not bad. However, land five hits in quick succession, and the Skill’s effects increase depending on what level of Chain Crit you have equipped:

  • Level 1 Chain Crit active: Attack boost of 10, Element Damage boost of 8.
  • Level 2 Chain Crit active: Attack boost of 12, Element Damage boost of 10.
  • Level 3 Chain Crit active: Attack boost of 15, Element Damage boost of 15.

You’ll want to keep Chain Crit active as much as possible, and while it remains active for a few seconds after you stop attacking, if you wait more than five seconds or so the effect will wear off, forcing you to land another five hits to activate the full bonus.

Armor and equipment that provide Chain Crit in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Three sets of armor grant Chain Crit: Astalos, Gaismagorm, and Furious Rajang.

  • Astalos is the earliest available, coming from the helmet, chest armor, and gauntlets. You’ll also receive Stun Resistance 3 and Stamina Surge 3 for immunity to the Stun status and very fast Stamina regeneration.
  • Second, Chain Crit comes from the Archfiend Set from defeating Gaismagorm, the final boss of the story campaign. Equipping the Archfiend Armor Baulo and Ura, the chest piece and waist armor, respectively, gives you Chain Crit 3, Weakness Exploit 2 for 30% higher Affinity when hitting weak points, and Resentment 1 for 5 additional Raw Attack when you have red in your health bar.
  • Furious Rajang, unavailable until you reach MR50, only offers Chain Crit 2 on the chest and waist armor. However, you’ll also get Razor Sharp 1 for a 10% chance to retain weapon sharpness, Spare Shot 1 for a 3% chance not to use ammo when firing a Bowgun, and Maximum Might 2 for 20% higher Affinity while you have full Stamina, and Evade Extender 1 for a slightly longer dodge roll.

You can also get Chain Crit on a Talisman, but there’s no guaranteed way to acquire a Talisman with a specific Skill. You can only rely on RNG. However, if you get a Talisman with Chain Crit, count your lucky stars.