Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Furious Rajang Guide – weaknesses, drops, and more

You won’t like him when he’s angry.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces plenty of new monsters to track down. Many, like the Furious Rajang, are updated takes on classic creatures from the franchise. This is one of the most difficult enemies in the game and shows up exclusively in the post-game content for the expansion. If you’re struggling to beat this tough monster, our guide on Furious Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will tell you its attack patterns, its weaknesses, and what loot it will drop.

How to beat Furious Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Furious Rajang attacks and weaknesses

Like its name would imply, the Furious Rajang is a being of pure rage. Its lack of a tail means that you’ll need to take it head-on to inflict the stun condition on it. The problem with that is that most of its attacks are straightforward lunges, so you’ll take a beating in that position. It attacks quickly and in a chaotic pattern, so don’t expect to be able to lock it into a long combo. Hit and run tactics are your friend here.

Over time, the Furious Rajang will enter an enraged state. During this state, its arms will turn red and sparks will fly off of its body. Its attacks during this phase will be much faster and it will inflict more thunder damage, so keep your distance and focus on survival until it calms back down. Fortunately, it doesn’t inflict the Frenzy condition like the Gore Mangala, but it is still a tough one when it is in this phase. When it rears back and hits its own chest, retreat to the side as it is about to use its thunder breath in a sweeping attack.

Both slashing and blunt damage will work equally against the Furious Rajang, so pick something that will allow you to move quickly in and out of range. Remember that it is immune to Fire, Thunder, and Dragon damage. It is most vulnerable to Ice so if you have a weapon set that can inflict it that would be ideal.

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Furious Rajang material drops

Once you do wear down this incredibly tough monster, you have a few choice pieces of loot that might drop. The most valuable item it gives is the Rajang Heart, which actually has a slightly better chance of dropping if you manage to capture the Furious Rajang. The next most valuable drop is the Gold Rajang Pelt+ which fetches a high sell price but is also a key item to crafting some of the best armor in the game.

MaterialCarvesCaptureBroken PartsTargetDropped Materials
Rajang Apoplexy37%33%20% (One Horn)20%35%
Rajang Hardfang28%27%–%35%55%
Rajang Hardclaw20%18%100% (Both Arms)26%–%
Gold Rajang Pelt+12%16%–%14%15%
Ghoulish Gold Gorer–%–%80% (One Horn)
100% (Both Horns)
Large Beast Tear–%–%–%–%50%
Rajang Heart3%6%–%5%–%