Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Astalos Guide – weaknesses, drops, and more

There’s Electricity in the air.

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Astalos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a formidable opponent. You’ll want to be wary of this creature and prepare before you venture out with your group to take it down. You also want to ensure you bring the best weapons with you and aim for the correct parts to earn every material it drops.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Astalos Guide

In this guide, we cover all Astalos’ weaknesses and all materials it drops in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

All Astalos weaknesses

Throughout the encounter, the Astalos will gather energy and electrifying parts of its body, namely the crest on its head, wings, and tail. The monster becomes more dangerous as these sections build up into lightning, making it faster and causing it to become more erratic in its movements. You will want to aim for these parts to try and remove the electrifying effects and prepare to contend with protecting yourself from Thunder damage.

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When fighting an Astalos, Slashing and Blunt weapons are equally good against this creature. They are par in every category, giving you the freedom to pick how you want to best approach taking it down. We recommend weapons that can effectively target and remove any parts of Ataslos that can power up with electricity. However, the weapons using Ammo do lack quite a bit, and most Elemental damage doesn’t do too much when fighting it.

Body PartsSlashingBluntAmmoFireWaterThunderIceDragon

All Astalos material drops

Most of Astalos’ materials will drop when you carve it. The big-ticket items include the Astalos Shard and the Heavy Astalos Crest+. Both have a chance to be a dropped material, but you also have a good chance at obtaining it by defeating the monster. The opportunities to earn the Heavy Astalos Shell, Astalos Wingmembrane, and the Astalos Scissortailblade can appear as capture rewards, with the Scissortailblade being the best if you can cut it off. We recommend attempting to capture this creature as this will provide the best yields.

While battling it, the back, wing, and crest will be your primary targets for many of the best items. You will want to do this before attempting to capture the monster.

Material dropsTarget RewardsCapture rewardsBroken part rewardsCarvesDropped materials
Astalos Shard21%027% from back32%35%
Heavy Astalos Shell26%30%70% from back25%50%
Astalos Wingmembrane19%27%30% from wing15%0
Boltscale12%12%17% from crest18%15%
Heavy Astalos Crest+10%080% from crest8%20%
Astalos Scissortailblade7%10%080%1%
Astalos Mantle3%3%3% from crest or back3%0
Astalos Wingripper018%50% from wing050%
Large Wyvern Tear000050%