What does the Mature Language setting change in MultiVersus? Answered

Get some cash ready for the swear jar.

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Warner Bros. MultiVersus is kid-friendly, much like the Super Smash Bros. series that came before it. However, not every character in MultiVersus is from a family-friendly franchise — Arya Stark from Game of Thrones being the most notable example.

Keeping in line with some of the characters’ mature roots, certain members of MultiVersus’ roster have some foul-mouthed voice lines that you can hear in battle, but only if you turn on the game’s mature language setting. When this setting is active, certain characters, such as Harley Quinn, will toss out a swear word or two while fighting. Here’s how to turn on mature language in MultiVersus.

How to turn mature language on/off in MultVersus

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You can find the mature language option in the game’s settings. When you start up the game, pull up the settings menu, and go to audio/language options. Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the mature language setting.

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This should be off by default. If you select it, you’ll see a checkmark appear in the box, indicating that mature language has been turned on. To turn it off, simply select it again to remove the checkmark.

If you’re going to be playing the game around a lot of people, including some who might take offense to swear words, you might want to remember to switch mature language off before starting up a match. It’s also worth noting that not all characters will necessarily swear while this setting is active, and the number of those who do seems to be pretty limited at the moment.

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