What does the Swift Sneak enchantment do in Minecraft? Answered

Move swiftly.

Image via Mojang

A new type of enchantment has been added to Minecraft called Swift Sneak. It’s a valuable item you can add to your Minecraft armory, giving you access to unique abilities to use while exploring your Minecraft world. In this guide, we’re going to cover how what the Swift Sneak enchantment does in Minecraft and how you can best use it.

What the Swift Sneak enchantment does

The Swift Sneak enchantment will increase your character’s crouching movement speed per level of the enchantment, with the highest being level three. You can only apply this enchantment to the leggings of your character. This is your character’s crouched movement speed they can have at each level.

Swift Sneak Enchantment LevelCrouched Movement Speed
Standard30 percent
Level 145 percent
Level 260 percent
Level 375 percent

You primarily want to use this when attempting to sneak by an opponent, such as evading a wandering Warden when trying to explore an Ancient City in the Deep Dark biome. Alternatively, you can use it when attempting to sneak by other opponents, but the Warden is one of the more notable opponents you want to try and avoid.

How to use Swift Sneak

Swift Sneak is a passive ability applied to your character. When you place it on your legging armor, all you have to do is crouch down and begin walking around. Of course, your character’s movement speed while crouching is typically less than their walking speed, so you’ll never be faster than the standard walking speed.