What is the enable death option in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Risky business.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord offers all kinds of options for how you wish to play your game, but right at the start of a new campaign, you will have the option to enable death. You might be a little confused about what this means, so in this article, we will break down our understanding of the option. 

If you tick the box beside the “enable death” option, then you will likely have just added a huge amount of interest to your campaign, regardless of the difficulty level that you play on. Enable death does pretty much exactly what you think, and will mean that heroes (also known as companions in Bannerlord) can die. Death will come for everyone in Bannerlord with this option enabled, so even your own character can end up on the wrong side of a sword.

So, what happens if your own character dies? The good news here is that this is unlikely to happen at the start of your game, and you are very likely to get to the point of having an heir who can take over your efforts before death’s cold grasp comes for you.

Bandits in the early game won’t kill you, and you normally need to make some proper enemies before anyone wants you to die, as you have a lot of value to people who beat you in a battle in the form of a hefty ransom.

This option is worth ticking, even if you are looking for an easy game, as it will add a lot of interest if a trusted and valued companion falls in battle.

It should be noted, in Bannerlord, your character can eventually get too old, and will slowly lose health until they die of natural causes. At the moment, we are unsure if this is tired into the “enable death” option, but we will update this article as we learn more.