What happens when you complete the National Dex in Pokémon Home?

A mythical friend may await those who complete the National Dex.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Players that complete the National Dex may have a special reward waiting for them.

Completing the National Dex is a common endgame goal in the Pokémon games. It’s the sense of accomplishment that drives players to “catch ‘em all”—and maybe some subliminal messaging from that catchphrase. There’s more to it than just pride completing the monumental task, though: There are often quality in-game rewards. The same might be true for Pokémon Home. 

Early reports suggest the Mythical Pokémon Magearna is the reward in Pokémon Home. There are odd inconsistencies, however. Some users haven’t gotten their Mythical Pokémon, others have received a special colored one at level 50, while others receive the regular Pokémon at level 10. 

One of the first reports comes from Reddit user Scootio. After completing the National Dex, the player found the Magearna in their gift box within the app. The image specifically references the gift as a reward for registering “so many Pokémon to the National Pokédex.” Many in the comments report completing the National Dex themselves but not receiving anything. Several tweets on Twitter confirm the existence of a Magearna gift linked to the National Dex, even if the timing seems to be delayed in some cases. 

A second report from Reddit user DSDark11 shows a level 50 Magearna with the special Poké Ball color. So far, this appears to be the only report of the color variation. Players in this thread report receiving the regular Magearna. While it’s not consistent, it doesn’t necessarily discredit the achievement. Some players received a Japanese Pikachu instead of an English one when first setting up the app.

For those suspicious of the level 50, Poké Ball Magearna, the user uploaded more images of the gift on their Twitter, including images of the gift message and the icon.

The level 10 Magearna and the level 50 Poké Ball Magearna also differ in ribbons. The level 10 reportedly has several ribbons associated with it. Meanwhile, the level 50 Poké Ball Magearna only has the Souvenir Ribbon. The Souvenir Ribbon attached to the rare Poké Ball Magearna is consistent with the previous Mythical event Pokémon.

There are a lot of unanswered questions with these reports. Magearna seems to be the reward for completing the National Dex in Pokémon Home. In the games, the National Dex did not need to include Mythical Pokémon. However, both users on Twitter and Reddit report registering all 890 Pokémon, including the event exclusive Mythical Pokémon. Even with all 890 registered, some players still haven’t received their Magearna. 

What we do know is only players with the premium tier of Pokémon Home will be able to hold that many Pokémon in the app at once. As not all Pokémon can be sent to Sword and Shield, sending them to register the Pokémon and then transferring them may not work with the limited space. 

As the app stabilizes and more people complete their transfers and the National Dex, more answers will surface. For now, it looks like completing the National Dex gives players a Magearna. The color and level seem to vary.