What is a Message in a Bottle in Sea of Thieves?


One of the things the pirate crew here at TL;DR Games likes to do is sail the seas looking for treasure. One of us typically mans the crow’s nest in order to keep a good look out at our surroundings. The other day, something shiny was spotted as we were sailing past an island. After an abrupt stop achieved by dropping the anchor while sailing at full speed, we investigated, and found a Message in a Bottle.

What’s in a Message in a Bottle?

What is a Message in a Bottle in Sea of Thieves?
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Messages in a Bottle have been around for a very long time. In fact, many of us probably wrote one in kindergarten and dumped them somewhere in the ocean. Or maybe that was just me. According to Wikipedia, bottled messages may date back as far back as 310 B.C. and have been used to send out everything from distress calls to messages to real or imagined love interests.

In Sea of Thieves their use is a little bit simpler than that. Should you come across a Message in a Bottle, simply pick it up to reveal a treasure map of sorts. Similar to the maps you receive from starting voyages, it will point you to a nearby island and have buried treasure chests marked on it.

What is a Message in a Bottle in Sea of Thieves?
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The difference between maps obtained from a Message in a Bottle and a regular voyage is that the rewards seem to be greater. Due to their random nature, a bit of luck is required, but the payout is generally worth the trouble. The particular map we pulled out of the Message in a Bottle had five treasure chests marked on it on a single island. We came back to port with quite a haul!

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