What is a Minecraft All Advancements speedrun?

Seeing everything Minecraft has to offer, as fast as humanly possible.

Image via Mojang

A Minecraft All Advancements speedrun is considered to be the most complex speedrun possible in Minecraft. Not only will players need a fantastic seed, but they’ll also need to comprehensively understand all mechanics of the title.

The speedrunning category title refers to the advancements within the game, similar to achievements or trophies on different titles. From curing zombie villagers to summoning bosses, the advancements task players with easy and difficult content alike via progression down one of five trees.

The All Advancements speedrun means that every available advancement in the game is completed on any difficulty, with the difficulty locked at the beginning. Note that it is impossible to complete an All Advancements speedrun on Peaceful as hostile mobs are needed. The speedrun needs to be recorded in its entirety (from world creation to conclusion) and submitted to verifying officials for it to be considered for records.

For players looking to get into the Minecraft All Advancements speedrunning category, both patience and understanding are necessary. Learn each of the five advancement tabs: Minecraft, Nether, The End, Adventure, and Husbandry, and how to naturally progress from one stage to the next across trees. Icons within the advancement tab change from an iron background to a gold one upon completion, unlocking the next advancement.

Some advancements are simply brutal to achieve. Two by Two, for example, tasks players with breeding one of every type of passive mob in the game. Another titled “How Did We Get Here” tasks players with stacking 26 various effects on themselves at once.

There are 95 advancements currently available within vanilla Minecraft, but it should be noted that speedrunners compete at their preferred patch. While new patches have added advancements or have occasionally altered the means of achieving them, it is extremely rare for an advancement to be removed. This means that as Minecraft continues to grow as a title, the speedruns will be getting more difficult.