What is a Shundo in Pokemon GO & How Do You Get One?

A Shundo in Pokemon Go combines Shiny status with a high rating, and these five methods will increase your chances of catching one

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In the parlance of Pokemon GO, a Shundo is a catch that’s both Shiny and has a high caliber 100IV rating, aka a “Hundo.” It’s not easy to combine both rare features, but there are some ways you can improve your chances of catching a Shundo.

Pokemon GO fans who want to be the very best are often on the lookout for rare and powerful Pokemon, who will both fill out their Pokedex and help them win gym battles and raids. The coveted Shundo combines these features, and many players hope to get their hands on one. But what are the best ways to catch a Shundo in Pokemon GO?

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Participate in More Raids

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Many Pokemon GO fans swear by 4 Star Raids as the best method to improve your chances of grabbing a coveted Shundo Pokemon. Because the rates for Shiny and high-level Pokemon are slightly higher in Raids, that slightly boosts your chances of nabbing one that combines both qualities.

That said, participating in Raids can take a lot of time, not to mention money for getting additional Raid passes above and beyond your one free raid a day.

Join a Local Group to Stay in the Know

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There are local groups on apps like Discord where players share their sightings of 100IV Pokemon in their area. If you join a group like this one, you stand a better chance of knowing when and where these high-level creatures have spawned.

That doesn’t guarantee you’ll encounter a Shiny version of the powerful Pokemon, but it certainly increases your chances of snagging a Hundo that just might pan out to be a Shundo if you’re lucky.

Trade With Your Best Friends

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Trades are another situation where you have a better chance of getting a high CP Pokemon. This is because trading with friends increases that Pokemon’s level, giving you a chance of trading your way to a Hundo.

So, if you and a friend Shiny swap Pokemon with already relatively high ratings, there’s a decent chance you might wind up with a Shundo when all is said and done. Your chances get even better if you snag the Lucky bonus on that particular trade. Keep in mind you’ll need to be near your friend IRL in order to trade, so this can be a bit prohibitive for those of us without a lot of fellow trainers nearby.

Hatch A Ton of Eggs

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Shundos can also hatch from eggs, so it’s a good idea to keep those incubators full and those kilometers coming. The chances of getting a Shiny or Hundo through eggs are boosted compared to wild catching, so hatching eggs is a slightly more likely way to snag a Shundo.

That said, the game only gives you one free incubator at a time, so this becomes a tricky option if you’re not doing serious mileage on foot or not willing to shell out the coin for extra incubators to hatch multiple eggs at once.

Spin PokeStops for Encounter Rewards

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When you spin PokeStops, you gain new quests with special rewards, including encounters with Pokemon. These research encounter Pokemon have a higher chance of being Shundos than those you snag in the wild, making this another great way to improve the likelihood of catching one.

While there’s no foolproof way to snag a Shundo in Pokemon GO, trainers have figured out the best ways to increase the chances and swing the odds in their favor. Using these five methods, along with a little luck, will have you well on your way toward catching a Shundo.