What is a standard race in Mario Kart Tour?

Vroom vroom.

Mario Kart Tour

Image via Nintendo

If you only really play the singleplayer content in Mario Kart Tour, you may be a little confused by one of the challenges. You will need to glide for a distance of 1500 or more in a standard race.

A standard race is a type of multiplayer race in which you can take part. Click on the multiplayer button on the bottom left the screen, then click on the standard race. The game will search for opponents in your area, and you will need to pick your driver, kart, and glider. After that, you will be loaded into a random level. You will need to keep playing races until you get one with decent jumps you can glide on.

Standard races differ from gold races in a couple of ways. The standard race has two rule sets that can change, while the gold races have four sets of rules that change every day.

Standard Races:

  • 100cc with default items slots
  • 100cc with two items slots

Ratings from E to A are possible, based on performance.

Gold Races:

  • 150cc with default items slots
  • 150cc with two items slots
  • 200cc with default item slots
  • 200cc with one item slot

Ratings from E to S are possible, based on performance.

Gold races can only be joined by Gold Pass subscribers, while standard races are open to everyone. Both types of races have seven players, and the game will try to connect you to people close by.