What is a War Zone in Marvel’s Avengers?

Friends assemble!

Image via Square Enix

In Marvel’s Avengers, players can complete missions called War Zones. These are any type of mission on the War Table. In War Zone Missions, four players explore an area and complete the objectives assigned to them.

These missions can be done with AI partners or three friends through online co-op. When you’re at the War Table, you can highlight over a mission to what type it is, its difficulty, and what rewards you’ll be given if completed successfully. There are 10 different types of missions that can be found in War Zone.

  • AIM Secret Lab – These are weekly raids that are avalible at the end of the game. They are only avalible if players have heroes at high Power levels. These have to be completed in a set amount of time, which varies between each mission. During these missions, you can encounter three different modifiers: Resurgence where enemy health regenerates after a short period of time, Famine meaning enemies will not drop regen packs, and Pressure where you aren’t able to automatically recover Willpower if you’re injuried.
  • Drop Zone – The shortest type of War Zone mission clocking in at 10 minutes or less. Players will have to defeat a single room of enemies or a single objective.
  • Faction – As the name implies, these missions focus on a particular faction of characters and will reward experience to that faction.
  • HARM Challenge – Acting as training, these missions will have you play a certain Avenger and defeat a wave of enemies. These can vary in length.
  • Hive Missions – In these missions, your character will have to explore multiple floors and complete multiple objectives. These are seen as the hardest type of mission because of the difficult enemies you’ll have to go up against.
  • Iconic Missions – These missions are story-focused and tied to a paricular Avenger. So, their timing and objective will vary. Completing these will unlock high-quality gear for that Avenger.
  • Mega Hives – Similar to the normal Hive missions, but with added difficulty. If an Avenger dies, you’ll be forced to switch to a different character.
  • Threat Sector – This type of mission will have multiple objectives for you to complete which will vary depending on the type of Threat Sector mission you take on. There’s five different types:
    • Defend: Protect SHIELD agents or Resistance members
    • Sabotage: Destory generators or power cores
    • Elmination: Defeat enemies
    • Control: Taking control of servers or specific locations
    • Priority Threat: A more difficult version of Threat sectors.
  • Vault – Unlockable by getting SHIELD Caches, this type of mission will have you break into one of SHIELD’s old Vaults.
  • Villian Sector – Incredibly similar to the Threat Sector, you’ll essentially be going through the same thing you would in the Threat Sector missions with the addition of a boss fight at the end.

As with the release of Spider-Man, some mission chains require you to finish War Zones as certain characters. Spider-Man’s fourth step in his mission chain requires the player to raise Spider-Man’s public profile by completing two War Zones. To get the Step 4 mission done quickly, we recommend taking on the shorter missions, like Drop Zones or HARM challenges.