When is Spider-Man joining the Marvel’s Avengers game?

We want pictures of that wall crawler!

Marvel's Avenger

Image via Sony

Marvel’s Avengers sees you stepping into the capes, nanotech suits, and ripped pants of assorted members of the Avengers. The game launched with Kamala Khan, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America. You can also expect a whole host of other heroes to be added to the game, as developers Crystal Dynamics plan to support the game for years after release.

Spider-Man, one of the tent pole heroes from the Marvel franchise and the hero that many people would consider to the consistent face of the brand, will be coming to the game. The bad news for many players is that the web-slinger will only be available on PlayStation 4.

No exact release date is known for the new hero yet, outside of an “early 2021” window, so we will be waiting for at least a few months before we can don the iconic red and blue suit of Spider-Man in the game. We do know that he will be able to zip around the game on his trademark web lines, and is sure to have plenty of abilities that involve his webs and superior strength.

According to Jeff Adams, associate art director at Crystal Dynamics, we can also expect some surprises. In a blog post to theĀ PlayStation Blog, he described how partnering with the Avengers will give Spider-Man access to new technology that will improve his skills. The eventual release of the character will be marked by an in-game event, although it seems likely that whatever this is will only happen on the PlayStation 4.