What is Chaos Mode in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Let the chaos reign!

Screenshot by Gamepur

The endgame of Wonderlands is all about the Choas. From the Chaos Chamber to Chaos Mode, there is no escaping the craziness that is Tina’s imagination. You may have noticed the new Chaos Mode tab in your in-game menu. That isn’t just for show. Once you have Chaos Mode unlocked, things get a whole lot more insane than they already were. Here is everything you need to know about Chaos Mode in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To start things off, Chaos Mode is an endgame option that you can enable. In other words, you will need to complete the game and the epilogue before you can start boosting things up to the next level and beyond. The epilogue is where you will learn about the Chaos Chamber and the Dragon Lord will walk you through how difficult it can get.

After you learn about the Chaos Chamber, go into your menu and the farthest tab on the right will now be Chaos Mode. This game mode works like the Mayhem Mode of Borderlands 3. There are multiple levels of Chaos that you can have active. When you go into the menu, you will see the option to turn Chaos Mode on and off as well as the option to change the current Chaos Level. Chaos mode makes things harder by increasing enemy health and damage. In return, you get a boost to your Loot Luck, XP, Gold, and Moon Orbs. Since Chaos Mode is linked to the Chaos Chamber, the current level of Chaos you can have active is dependent on your current level in the Chaos Chamber. The higher the level, the more deadly the enemies become and the better the loot you receive will be.