What is Cred in Madden 23?

Make sure you have some Cred out in the streets.

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EA Sports and the Madden team, two years ago, introduced The Yard to football players worldwide. The Yard is an arcade mode designed to give a different experience from the traditional 11-on-11 action in the NFL, and this mode is back for Madden 23. A key component to The Yard and avatars is Cred. What is Cred in Madden NFL 23? Let’s look at what you need to know about Cred in Madden 23.

Cred in Madden NFL 23, explained

Cred is an in-game currency in Madden NFL 23, and is mainly used in The Yard. The Yard is a mode where players can partake in seven-on-seven action, with each team being limited to the number of drives. However, there are a lot of different rules for The Yard, including the ability to score more than six points for touchdown that are of the multi-pass variety and non-10 yard downs.

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In The Yard, Madden 23 players are prompted to create avatars that can be used in offline, online head-to-head, and online co-op play. Users can also customize their avatar by buying clothing items like jerseys and helmets that have NFL team logos. In most cases, you’ll need Cred to get these items.

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How to get Cred in Madden NFL 23

Madden 23 players can get Cred by playing in The Yard and upgrading their players. Each time a player increases their avatar’s position level in The Yard, rewards are typically given out. In many cases, certain tiers do offer Cred as rewards.

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If you are low in Cred and need to obtain some in order to acquire in-game items like a jersey and/or helmet, it’s wise to grind and level up each position to get more Cred.