How to throw a touch pass in Madden 23

The Goldilocks pass.

Image via EA Sports

Even though EA Sports has introduced a new mechanic for current-gen players with Skill-Based Passing, the types of passes are still the same. Madden 23 features three kinds of passes: bullet, lob, and touch. So, how does one perform a touch pass in Madden NFL 23? Let’s go over what touch pass does and how to perform it in the simulation football game.

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What is a touch pass?

Touch passes are essentially a hybrid between bullet and lob passes. Touch passes are “medium strengths passes,” according to devs, and these throws are designed to drop the football over the head of an underneath defender or in front of deeper coverage.

Touch passes are not as hard as a bullet pass, nor do these have the arc or the slowness that a lob pass has in Madden 23.

How to do a touch pass in Madden NFL 23

To perform a touch pass in Madden NFL 23, you’ll want to find an open receiver to throw the football to on the field. Once you find an open receiver, you should see a corresponding button appear over that target. You will want to press and then release to perform a touch pass.

Finding a happy medium for throwing a touch pass is important, and it might take a bit of practice. Pressing and holding will lead to a bullet pass, something that’s good for out and slant routes and when a receiver is wide open. Lob passes, on the other hand, are good for streaking receivers who are trying to separate from a covering defender.

A touch pass, as mentioned earlier, is a hybrid between bullet and lob passes. Because of that, it’s important to ensure that the button is held long enough to not be considered a tap, but make sure to not press and hold. Otherwise, the outcome might not be as intended.