What is Discord Error 1105 – Cloudflare Outage Explained

The squad is down.

Image via Discord

Some users on Discord are experiencing some substantial issues regarding a specific error, namely error 1105. When users experience the code, they are advised to seek out Cloudflare when they receive the code, and there’s little else they can do at this time. What’s the best course of action. Unfortunately, with the error code happening at that time, your best course of action is to wait for the error code to subside. There’s little else you can do.

The problem is likely happening due to a DDoS attack against the system. This happens when a user attempts to cause too much activity all at one point for the system’s servers, causing it to seize up, preventing those who are positively using the service to experience it. You will encounter a handful of errors, and you may notice several servers on Discord are down. However, some servers may not experience it at all, ensuring that some active members using the service can freely do as they like.

There’s little else any Discord users can do during the DDoS attack. Their best bet is to find an alternative means to reach out to those they want to speak with or to step away from the service until things calm down.