What is Elderseal in Monster Hunter: World?


If you’ve progressed far enough into Monster Hunter: World to have encountered Elder Dragons, the giant monsters with special abilities that all high rank hunters spend their days chasing, you may have come across a few weapons with a property called Elderseal. As many things in Capcom’s smash hit, the game never really explains what this is. We’re here to help.

What is Elderseal?

As the above video explains, Elderseal refers to a weapon’s ability to suppress an Elder Dragon’s special ability. In particular, there are four Elder Dragons that are susceptible to Elderseal. Each of these four monsters has a special power that can wreak some serious havoc on its would-be hunters. Utilizing weapons that can negate or at least dampen this special power is extremely helpful for hunters who value their life. The four dragons and their powers are:

  • Kirin – Elderseal suppresses its lightning power
  • Teostra – Elderseal reduces his flame aura level and removes his ability to use supernova
  • Kushala Daora – Elderseal removes his wind barrier
  • Vaal Hazak – Elderseal reduces his effluvia charge
  • Nergigante and Xeno’jiiva are also said to be affected

Three Levels of Elderseal

Most weapons in the game do not possess any Elderseal property whatsoever, but there are a select few high rank weapons that have some level of Elderseal capability. The power itself comes in one of three levels: Low, Medium, and High. The greater the strength of Elderseal, the more likely the effect is to trigger and suppress the Elder Dragon’s power. These do of course stack, so if your group of hunters is equipped with Elderseal capable weapons, your chances of nullifying an Elder Dragon’s effects are much greater.

To see which weapons contain some level of Elderseal, check out the Monster Hunter: World Wiki.

Be sure to consider your weapon of choice’s Elderseal capabilities the next time you strike out to hunt an Elder Dragon. It can make a big difference! In the meantime, why not head over to our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub for more helpful tips and tricks?