What is hosting a stream on Twitch?

Autohosting is also a thing.

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To be successful on Twitch, it’s important to be supportive of others and make friends on the platform. Hosting a stream is a great way of doing that, and we’ll explain why.

If you like the streamer you are watching or want to support a friend, hosting has you placing their stream on to your channel. It’s like a television network deciding to put a shopping program on their channel while it’s offline. While you’re away, hosted streams will be playing instead. It’s simple to activate. Just go to your chatbox, and type in “/host” and then the name of the person you want to showcase.

In addition, you can support fellow streamers by having them listed to auto-host. In this case, you won’t have to manually input the command. To do this, go to your “Creator Dashboard” by pressing your profile picture on the top right. Then, on the left glossary of options, select “Channel.” Go to the “Featured Content” tab. Enable Autohosting and click on “Autohost List.” From there, type in your friends’ channel lists and then add them to the list. Once this is done, they’ll pop up on your channel whenever they go live.

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Hosting a stream supports your friend’s stream in more ways than one. On the front page, there is a recommended section of Twitch. If you host someone’s stream, they’re more likely to show up as a recommended channel to your followers. It’s an endorsement, per se.