What is HUT RUSH in NHL 21?

A new feature has been added to HUT.

In the release announcement of NHL 21, EA Sports touted a number of new additions to the franchise. In addition to the expansion of CHEL Ranked Seasons, a new feature, HUT RUSH, is coming to Hockey Ultimate Team.

Per EA Sports, HUT RUSH will be “a streamlined version” of Hockey Ultimate Team. HUT players will be able to jump into games in quick fashion, and users can rack up achievements and rewards that can, in turn, be used to construct a roster in Hockey Ultimate Team. Players will also be rewarded for putting goals behind netminders’ backs with style, as a scoring system will be implemented for HUT RUSH. This new system rewards players based upon how creative and skilled they can be in Hockey Ultimate Team.

You’ll also be able to build different teams for different situations. For example, you could either quickly draft a squad and play right away, or construct a team that can play with NHL Threes rules, or standard 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 play. All of this was designed specifically to give NHL players a quick option to play right away and earn rewards in Hockey Ultimate Team.