Everything the Summer of Plunder sale brings (and brings back) to Apex Legends

The newest premium bundle sale has quite a few things to offer.

summer of plunder sale

While Apex Legends is free to play, from time-to-time, we will see major sales of exclusive items for premium currency. The newest premium sale, Summer of Plunder, just dropped today and gives players a choice between six different premium bundles. They range in price from 700 to 5,000 premium currency.

New Exclusive Item Bundles

Here is a breakdown of all of the new sale bundles that offer exclusive items never before seen in Apex Legends.

Dressed to Kill | Price: 2,500

The Dressed to Kill bundle is a bundle featuring Loba. It automatically unlocks her as a legend if you do not have her yet, and also gives you two new exclusive items—the Elegante rare skin for Loba, and the legendary ivory fang skin for the P2020.

Holy Grail | Price: 700

holy grail
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The Holy Grail bundle ais the smallest bundle available. It includes the new Goblet gun charm, one legendary Apex Pack, and 7 rare Apex Packs.

Lucky Cat | Price: 2,000

lucky cat
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The Lucky Cat bundle includes the adorable new Fortune Cat gun charm and 25 rare Apex Packs.

Treasure Trove | Price: 5,000

treasure trove
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The Treasure Trove bundle is by far the most expensive. At 5,000 premium currency, you receive the exclusive new Shifting Sandstone rare skin for the R-301 Carbine and 50 Apex Packs.

Returning Items

While we covered all of the new items in the sale, two premium bundles offer players a second chance to pick up some of the voidwalker event character skins, gun skins, and a banner frame.

Phase Shift | Price: 1,500

phase shift lifeline
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phase shift bangalore
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phase shift prowler
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The Phase Shift bundle brings back a group of three fan-favorite rare skins: Blossom Lifeline, Counter Culture Bangalore, and the Night Light Prowler weapon skin. As the second cheapest bundle of the sale, it’s a pretty good bang for your buck, especially if you often play these characters.

Voidwalker | Price: 3,300

voidwalker wraith
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voidwalker wraith frame
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voidwalker re-45
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The final premium bundle in the Summer of Plunder sale is the Voidwalker bundle. This is the second most expensive bundle and includes Wraith’s Voidwalker legendary skin, her Void Shadow legendary banner frame, and the slightly disappointing third entry of a rare gun skin called Gnarly for the RE-45. That said, the other two cosmetics featured are probably worth it for a Wraith main.

Is there a summer bundle your heart is set on?