What is influence and how to improve it in A Total War Saga: Troy?

Spread your influence far and wide.

Total War Saga Troy

Your overall faction holds influence in each region in A Total War Saga: Troy. When you are an invading army entering a foreign land and you take over a province, your influence may not hold sway over your citizens, and they may not agree with your methods or beliefs because you are not from there. When you have less influence in a province, the citizens are less likely to cooperate with you. It then becomes far more difficult to protect your province, and the location doesn’t produce resources as much as it could. Increasing the influence in a region does take time.

What is influence?

The influence information regarding a province is available when clicking on the province and the details of the location come up. It’s available in the lower left of your UI, and you do need to have a unit that is within range to view that information. It will be on the bottom and it says Achaean or Trojan influence, or any of the smaller tribes throughout the region.

How do you improve your influence?

Hovering over this information gives you a distinct breakdown of all the factors that determine a province’s influence.

  • Characters
  • Buildings and commandments
  • Your tribal culture
  • Royal decrees
  • Events
  • Local populace

You can increase your faction’s influence by modifying any of the available traits. This may force you to leave an influential character in the region, to build a cultural building, or make a royal decree that increases influence across your empire.

When you reach over 60 percent culture, the province receives a high influence bonus. Some buildings provide additional benefits to you if they have a high influence bonus, giving your faction even more power and resources.

Having more influence in a province certainly benefits you and is a worthwhile goal to achieve, but it’s not the end of your campaign if you don’t have it in every location you own.