What is input queuing time in Tales of Arise?

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Tales of Arise

Image via Bandai Namco

When you first start playing the campaign in Tales of Arise, one of the options will be to change the input queuing time, and many players may be a little confused about what this means. In this guide, we will break down exactly what it does, and give you some tips on how to set it.

Input queuing time means how long the game will keep an input command “in memory” before allowing it to be replaced by the most recent input. So, if you are performing a combination and hit button one, the button two, it dictates how long it will hold button two in memory.

Setting it too long will cause the game to remember all inputs and play them out over time while setting it too short will allow you to cancel previous inputs much quicker. Which one you prefer is really a matter of personal choice, but we highly recommend you experiment with both modes.

The impact of the option is most obvious when inputting commands for Artes. As you can chain them together, you will need to be precise about when the Artes end so you can input a new command on the short setting, while the long setting will be a little more forgiving.