What is June 2020’s Community Day Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

The June Community Day in Pokémon Go has a winner.

Pokemon GO

On the same day Pokémon Go had its May Community Day featuring Seedot and Niantic promoted on their Twitter page that players had the opportunity to vote for the next two Community Day Pokémon. The poll lasted for 24-hours, and the options consisted of Squirtle, Weedle, Sandshrew, and Gastly.

The winner of the poll is going to be June’s Community Day Pokémon and the second-place winner is going to be July’s. The winner with a total of 34 percent of the total votes was Weedle, so you can expect to see Weedle on its Community Day in June. Gastly took second-place and will be available in July.

The Community Day will happen on June 20. During the event that will last from 11:00am to 5:00pm in your local area you will need to capture a Weedle and evolve it into its third evolution, Beedrill. If you do, it will learn the ability drill run, a move it normally cannot know. In addition, you can expect to see plenty more shiny Weedle available during the event.

We might see more votes in the future for players to choose which Pokémon they want to see for a community event. It could continue, or it returns to being a random choice moving forward. Right now, the Community Days for Pokémon Go in June and July have been figured out. Eager fans can expect to capture plenty of Weedle and Gastly in the future.