What is Pale Bloom used for in Horizon Forbidden West? – best farming locations

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You’re going to gather many resources while exploring in Horizon Forbidden West. There are plants almost everywhere that Aloy can pick, but it’s never clear at first what they’re used for. This guide explains what you use Pale Bloom for and where the best places are to pick it up are.

What is Pale Bloom used for?

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Pale Bloom is one of the resources that Aloy uses to dye her outfits. You can do this by visiting a Dyer in any of the major settlements around the Forbidden West. You can see which resources you need to create each outfit in the Dyer menu, as well as which outfits you can change the color of.

Best Pale Bloom farming locations

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Pale Bloom is a tricky resource to get. It only grows on cliffs, meaning you need to move Aloy over to it and then collect it. You can’t simply get close to it and hit triangle. You need to get Aloy on top of it before she picks it up. Pale Bloom is most common in The Daunt, but you can find it growing on cliffs in other areas of the Forbidden West as well. The best farming location for it is definitely the Daunt, though. You can pick a lot of it up while you’re gathering all the Lenses from the Signal Towers dotted around the region. Otherwise, you’ll need to go for a climb to find some.