What is Rebirth Island in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Alcatraz looks all but confirmed for the battle royale.

What is Mini Royale in Call of Duty: Warzone?

After many months of rumors and speculation, it appears developer Treyarch’s plans for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to take over Warzone have finally been discovered. According to numerous leaks, rather than an instant overhaul of the current Verdansk map, Warzone will be welcoming in an old Blackout location.

Data miners have found a handful of new Warzone files referencing the addition of a “Rebirth Island.” Shortly after this discovery, Twitter user BlackOpsLeaks published a photo from the files that displayed the potential Rebirth Island logo and what many believe to be real-life prison and former Black Ops 4: Blackout location, Alcatraz, in the background.

Via BlackOpsLeaks’ Twitter account

As hackers successfully found all of the launch maps for Black Ops Cold War before their reveal, it is hard to dispute this new claim. Furthermore, it should be noted that “Rebirth” was the name of a mission in the original Black Ops, which featured a setting based on the famous prison.

In Blackout, Alcatraz was quite a memorable landing spot, made up of multiple buildings, each holding tons of loot inside their cells. It made its debut in the Black Ops II Zombies map, Mob of the Dead, making it possible that warzone players may once again see Zombies soon.

With many miners claiming it to be an expansion to Verdansk, this may open up the opportunity for Treyarch to add other former blackout locations to this aptly-named Rebirth Island. Treyarch has not spoken out about the future of Warzone since the leak, but publisher Activision has filed DMCA claims on social media posts mentioning the presumably incoming map.