What is release date for The Last of Us Part II?

It’s finally on the way.

Image via Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part II has been a wild frenzy for those eager to learn more about the game, and to know when they can rejoin main characters, Ellie and Joel, back on their journey through the zombie-filled apocalypse. The first game released in 2013 and the highly-anticipated sequel will release in 2020, seven years later.

The PlayStation-exclusive title releases on June 19, which developer Naughty Dog confirmed on its Twitter page on May 19. The game will release alongside additional exclusives, such as the limited edition of PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle, which is available for a limited time, priced at $399.99, and comes with the base game.

The official release date for The Last of Us Part II had been up in the air for quite a bit of time. The initial release date for the game was said to be in February but was then pushed back to May. However, following the real-world dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19, Naughty Dog again had to push the game back further to ensure its programmers and those working on it could smoothly release it. When they announced that the game had an undecided release date, many fans were worried about it arriving sometime during fall 2020. 

Later, many speculated that someone at Naughty Dog, a disgruntled employee, had released the full plot of the game online for everyone to read, potentially spoiling the game for those who read it. However, it was later revealed that it was not the work of an employee, but that of hackers exploiting parts of Naughty Dog’s servers and gaining access to the information. While the full plot had been revealed and made available online, the company continued with the release of the game and announced it would be available to everyone on June 19.

You can pre-order The Last of Us Part II before it releases. There are five different versions of the pre-order, and each one comes with a copy of the game.