What is reputation in Nexomon: Extinction?

A little splash of arcade culture in this RPG.

Nexomon: Extinction
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Reputation is Nexomon: Extinction’s best-kept secret, and it took us a while to figure out what it meant. Throughout the game, whenever you go to unknown locations, guards always reference your low reputation when blocking you out of towns. However, the dialogue is more of an excuse to not let you into somewhere until you’ve completed story missions. So, if it doesn’t unlock new locations, what’s so special about your reputation in Nexomon: Extinction?

You can find the reputation score by going into the pause menu. From there, you should see a blue star, accompanied by a particular number. That number signifies your overall effect on Nexomon’s world. So, think of it as a kind of high score. When discussed with your friends, you compare how far each of you is in a sense using this number.

To increase your reputation’s overall number, you will have to complete main missions, do side missions, and beat other tamers. Of course, the game is still new enough where it’s still not understood if players can completely max out their reputation. 

Either way, the game lacks an accessible map for players to look at whenever they want. So, as a substitute, the reputation score works as a semi-decent manner for trying to figure out how far you are into the game. If you’re simply attempting to beat out a friend’s score, we recommend you finish all of the main campaign, as it rewards the most number of points compared to all other missions.