What is Roster Friend in Lost Ark? Explained

Keep track of a friend’s multiple characters by adding them to the Roster Friends List.

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When a Lost Ark player adds another player they meet as a friend, that particular character gets added to their Friends List. However, if that friend were to log in under another character in their roster, they would appear to be offline on the former player’s Friends List, despite being online and playing the game. To keep track of a friend on all of their characters, players can add them to their list of Roster Friends.

Adding Roster Friends

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The Roster Friends List is found in the same window as the standard Friends List, albeit under the next tab to the right. From the Roster Friends List, players can click Add Roster Friend at the bottom-right of the window. Doing so will add any character on that player’s roster to the Roster Friends List, all while adding that friend’s current character to the default Friends List.

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Between the two lists, the Roster Friends List can easily be used to distinguish important friends in-game, such as real-life friends, long-term party members, or other storied dungeon-crawling partners. The addition of the Add a Group function in this list, allows players to group particular Roster Friends into easily organized groups, which gives this list further use as a type of “best friend club,” with the standard Friends List being reserved for casual acquaintances and one-time interactions. While this isn’t the only practical use for Roster Friends, the list can be useful when searching for the friends that players happen to play with the most.